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New Year’s Resolutions

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

It is my goal this year to double the amount of posts from last year. Unfortunately, I’ve been warned that posting about the two children we are currently fostering could land us in trouble, so I can’t borrow stories or pictures from home to post here. I don’t spend nearly as much time with the kids as Anne does, so maybe it’s for the best. I’m hoping she’ll have more cute happenings to relate regarding the Mimic and Captain Flail, but it might be a while before she can post them, since we’ve been both feeling a little overwhelmed at finding ourselves outnumbered so drastically.

I also can’t take the cheap and easy route of posting stories from my sister about her mission, so anyone reading this blog will have to take what they can get from me. I don’t set aside time to read a lot of books anymore. Nor do I watch a lot of movies or TV shows. I really can think of only three things I do in my spare time away from herding cats and children. 1) I read three or four comic books a month — I’m even on a first name basis with several of the employees at Night Flight. 2) After the kids go to bed, I usually play computer games. Some weeks I play all seven nights, some weeks not so much. 3) I have two separate groups of friends I play Dungeons and Dragons with. One group from the homestarmy and one group at work. So that is what I’m left with for content.