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Mundanity Made Magnificent

Monday, March 29th, 2010

I have been unable to find the time to post anything about the Mortensen clan but felt like I couldn’t go another month without posting something. This is from the point of view of one of my player characters from my D&D group at work.

It is odd how the most mundane occurrence can be made extraordinary. Especially when undertaken with the colorful collection of characters comprising my current company. (Oh what a lovely alliteration!) My master assured me this would be a routine journey to acquire some ritual scrolls made available for purchase by a scholar in Winterhaven. Yet here I am, delving into the dank dungeon affectionately designated as Shadowfell Keep. (Another!) All of the activities that we have undertaken seem routine adventures on the surface. Nothing a standard guild couldn’t handle.

Take for instance the rat-infested ruins of the Keep’s southeast corner. My first instinct was to unleash mystical energies in a blast strong enough to clear a safe path through. Standard procedure for adventuring types. But not for this group, no. The first thought for the rest of the group was, “Can we tame one of these giant rodents?” So, of course, several attempt to make friendly acquaintance with the local rodentia. And to my surprise, one actually seems to take a liking to Oskar, our, uh, dwarven ranger. I was mystified by his reaction to success. Instead of having his new ally aid us in ridding this place of evil, he guts the foul thing open. Oh, there was just blood everywhere and all he can say is, “I hate rats. Disgusting.”

So we clear our path through and discover a chamber off by itself, and thinking we might find some interesting treasure, we explore. Unfortunately, what we find inside is a massive, jiggling ochre jelly. My first thought? Horrifying. My second thought? Let’s leave before it decides to jiggle over to eat us. Joben’s first thought? Hit it with his sword. That goes predictably wrong and of course as we sensibly began to flee, the murderous gelatin has decided we’re worth the effort of a chase. So around the dungeon we go, only instead of, oh I don’t know, going somewhere it can’t follow us, our fearless troop heads right into a dead end filed with Kruthiks – the worst sort of giant insect to encounter whilst fleeing a large jelly.

We miraculously survive both the jelly and the insectoids, then head back towards the less decaying parts of the Keep. Near the entrance we discover a foul-smelling half-orc who wants to join our merry band. Do we ask for some sort of credentials or a display of brawn or brains to determine his worthiness? No. We have a dance-off.