Learning Chinese

Preston had his Chinese program today for the Chinese New Year. He has made us so proud this year and has really started to pick up the language. Anne took some video of him counting and writing the characters in Chinese.

The finished worksheet:


  1. Grandma Mortensen says:

    Wow, Preston! I loved hearing you speak Chinese. You are so smart and doing so well in school. Keep it up.
    I love you. Grandma Mortensen

  2. Connie Davies says:

    Preston, you are amazing!!!!! You did a great job and I love how you kept with it and didn’t quit! What an amazingly hard worker you are. I’m thirty one and next time you see me will you tell me how to say my age in Chinese? That would make me so happy. I am truly truly truly impressed and proud of your work. Anne, you’re not so bad at Chinese yourself!